Moving In

So, we’ve finally moved in. In the end, Laing didn’t allow entry to professional snaggers for whatever reason. Workmanship on the surface was fine, but when you look more closely there were tell tale signs of unfinished jobs.

Sure there were a few nicks here and there on the walls and leftover paint on tiles and doors, but that’s something we could live with. After moving in, you do get a visit from the site manager and we got to show them things we wanted fixed or corrected. That was after we’d chase them to come to do the visit though.. their excuse was that they have 7 WORKING days to contact us after completion to do the home visit which includes weekends and all the bank holidays over Christmas and New Year. Wasn’t the same position for us regarding completion, it was 14 CALENDAR days after they had served notice, so didn’t include weekends and bank holidays. Talk about double standards!

Nevertheless, they’ve got most things sorted, like gaps in the windows and leaking showers, but still have yet to finish up on missing mastic behind the toilet pipes and around the basin, and windows not closing properly. You do find out things like components not being fixed properly on the shower door, and various other bits and pieces the longer you’re there. But Laing are always friendly when they come visit. (they are coming again in 3 months, or was it just a phonecall?) Wish they didn’t leave the lights on and internal doors open after coming to finish up on the odd job though. After all, they did advise us that if internal doors weren’t closed, and there were to be a fire, we’d not be covered by insurance!

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  1. If you would take the time to read our story and maybe sign our petition we’d be really grateful.

    We spent today picketing a George Wimpey Homes Sales Office just outside Southampton. The residents there have had to start up their own Association to fight George Wimpey as they all have so many problems! The Site isn’t even half sold!

    We were and are very symathetic to them and any one else who has similar problems with this greedy developer! This company doesn’t know the meaning of Customer Care!!!

  2. We also have a george wimpey home well is supposed to be our home but have had workmen in over 70 days already and still lots more snagging to go. It is disgusting they are allowed to get away with such shoddy work. They come back to fix bodged work and bodge it even more NHBC delay and delay not getting very far with them they asked for the builder to submit reports which have never been done or chased up.
    has anyone our there sued wimpey or got any other suggestions to get them to sort the problems properly.
    many thanks

  3. After reading some of the stories on this blog I think I will avoid buying a newbuild altogether. at least with older houses you expect things not to be perfect

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