The End

With planning a wedding, studying for a post grad and a new job. It was time to give up fighting. We had exhausted most affordable avenues.

We decided to pay joiners and builders to carry out the repair of the upstairs floor in the worst bedrooms and we fixed the master bedroom ourself as we had ran out of money. The repairs cost us over £2000. We had to spend a long time sleeping in the living room.

We are fed up fighting and repairing the house but we keep on going. It is still a long way away from a comfortable home.

The impact of the constant chasing and argueing was taking its toll on our health and happiness.

Councillor Response

Having contacted our local concillor we received a letter from him stating although he sympathizes with us, he too has experienced the frustation of communicating with Redrow and trying to get them to do the right thing with no avail.

The councillor had been fighting for other residents on the estate with similar poor workmanship issues and he managed to get nowhere with Redrow.

A new book published by the council is currently being updated to warn other future homebuyers about what has happened with other residents so they are prewarned.

What about the rest of us though?

Compensation denied and a nasty letter

We received a nasty reply to the folowing letter we sent to Redrow’s Chief Executive. We usually have to prompt a reply but this one was sent of their own back..

Redrow’s official line. “In light of the above and the previous NHBC resolution I therefore inform you that we will not be forwarding a cheque in the sum of

Gas leak repaired!

Gas leak has been repaired yesterday. Redrow contractors came up with an idea to fix it with less hassle. Was worried they were making a quick fix of it again.

Made several calls yesterday. Seems we are too late for a surveyor to come in because the floor boards are already lifted up.

NHBC Report

The NHBC – Friend or Foe?

Quote from NHBC Report on our upstairs floors….

“A 2m and 1m level were used to gauge the deviations in the evenness of the floors and measurements taken. Under our requirements the floor decking is required to be suitable for the intended use. There are specific measurements detailed in the NHBC’s document, a consistent approach to finishes, however these figures are only recommendations, not requirements, and should only be used as a guide.

The nature and extent of any work necessary to remedy minor variances from the tolerances given should be appropraite to the circumstances. In this instance although a few of the measurements taken exceeded the guide tolerance, the amount by which they deviate is not considered to be excessive”

The guidelines state a floor should be level with in