Compensation denied and a nasty letter

We received a nasty reply to the folowing letter we sent to Redrow’s Chief Executive. We usually have to prompt a reply but this one was sent of their own back..

Redrow’s official line. “In light of the above and the previous NHBC resolution I therefore inform you that we will not be forwarding a cheque in the sum of

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  1. Hi Kelly

    I work for tonight with Trevor McDonald programme and would appreciate your call on 0207 316 6447

    katie Moore

  2. i brouht a sherborune in beverley east york i am currently have problems with drains because of poor workmanship in backfilling excavations the ground has sunk taking the drains with it.i am a oap so cannot afford the t he expence of having the damage rectified.i dont think the people in your advert would be very happy smiling if they were in my possition.D MERRICK HU178YP 20 MACE VIEW

  3. Redrow Homes sold us a new house in 2007 – in January 2013 Rerow workmen turned up and moved the fence in favour of our neighbour..

    They didn’t ask, didn’t warn us it was going to happen – just turned up.

    They initially said that the fence was in the wrong place, but when we got the land registry plans – it is quite obvious that it was in the right place to begin with..

    Redrow refuse to re-instate it to the correct location and due to the fact that they are ignoring us, we have started our own guerilla website

    This company are unbelievable!

  4. We brought our Redrow home at the end of september 2013 and everything was fine then two days before christmas eve we had a leak downstairs. (We have a 3 storey house 4 bedroom Hawthorne and bed 4 is on the ground floor but we just used as a playroom for our 3 small children) We had to clear out everthing that we had in there and the leak was all in our downstairs toilet as well. There was no buildres around as it was christmas shut down and had to wait until beginning of january 2014 till everyone was back. We have had little done one day each week still trying to find the cause and date today is 21/02/2014 still have leak they chopped out our ceiling. In middle floor our patio doors been taken out ad replaced so that is all exposed to draughts and is freezing there our downstairs we turned off heating as no ceilings we didnt want to waste what heating we was warming that room. We are so disappointed as our brand new home has leaks, mould and is very cold and no one is in a rush to sort it. I do not know who to speak to as Redrow will do all the repares i know but feel that some compensation should be paid for the inconveience cause especially just before christmas we had to put family off from coming to see their grandchildren and us over this period as no where to put them up. Help

  5. Our homes were built around 2007. This is now the third time work is being carried out to repair sewers and underground excavation work.
    After paying over £1000 to market my house and get home report done Ive now had to take it off the market. The adjacent piece of land with lovely scenery I used to look out to is now a building site. Im woken up at 7.45am every day with the noise.
    Another xmas ruined.

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