Councillor Response

Having contacted our local concillor we received a letter from him stating although he sympathizes with us, he too has experienced the frustation of communicating with Redrow and trying to get them to do the right thing with no avail.

The councillor had been fighting for other residents on the estate with similar poor workmanship issues and he managed to get nowhere with Redrow.

A new book published by the council is currently being updated to warn other future homebuyers about what has happened with other residents so they are prewarned.

What about the rest of us though?

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  1. If you would take the time to read our story and maybe sign our petition we’d be really grateful.

    We spent today picketing a George Wimpey Homes Sales Office just outside Southampton. The residents there have had to start up their own Association to fight George Wimpey as they all have so many problems! The Site isn’t even half sold!

  2. We are Liberal Democrat councillors and campaigners in Rochford District. We want to improve local decision-making and we see onlineFOCUS as a good way of keep residents informed and involved. Please click here to email us .

  3. Hi

    Although i have not bought from Redroow homes i am having similar problems with fairview new homes, their building quality i have found to be negligible and they are obnoxious when it come to investigating any thing , any help ,greatly appreciated , am thinking of trying don’t get done get Dom and see if bbc interested , regards anthony 07718 488198

  4. Recently completed a purchase of Redrow home
    Although the completion date was set this date was brought forward by almost 1 month by them sending a email to our solicitors
    They gave a 10 day notice
    A preview was done a day before completion
    Redrow rep went through all the house & said if we had any issues to let them know within 7days
    They produced some document for us to sign etc
    On the first day of completion to our surprise we noticed over 40faults
    Cracked kitchen doors , kitchen units splaced with paint marks
    Finishing on walls & ceiling very dull etc
    The site manager said he would sort it out
    1 builder spent 3 days ( in & out ) sorted the 2 bedrooms
    The kitchen units where cleaned but they never looked the same
    Eventually we found more faults baring in mind the initial faults were still not rectified
    We decided to get a professional inspector who spent 5 hours & gave us a detailed report with almost 200 faults
    The report was shown to site manager who said to sent it to customer services the reason being the 7 day time frame had elapsed
    The fault report was sent to service department who in turn after 5 days responded with thank you etc
    They sent in there inspector after another 8days or so
    Immediately the inspector was very nasty basically he asked me if our inspector had any qualifications etc
    I tolld him off course & that is the reason why i had him
    Now the Redrow inspector was very negative about the whole situation so I told him please carry on with his work & when he finishes to send a email to what he thinks is wrong & right
    Eventually he calmed down & went through the report
    Few of faults he has agreed to do the others he said were within its standards
    Now I am waiting for them to finish
    The main point I wish to make is
    Try & do a preview during good day light
    Make sure you employ a professional inspector take as much time as possible
    At the end of day you are the purchaser
    Any items which are not correct list them get your lawyer to send it to them
    Or else do Not complete
    Redrow will fob you of
    Good job we have the new age media such as new home blogs to express our concerns

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