Gas leak repaired!

Gas leak has been repaired yesterday. Redrow contractors came up with an idea to fix it with less hassle. Was worried they were making a quick fix of it again.

Made several calls yesterday. Seems we are too late for a surveyor to come in because the floor boards are already lifted up.

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  1. Hi Just seen this comment, and my experience with builders & the N.H.B.C has left me unable to trust anybody and disgusted at how these companies can get away with treating people so disgracefully. Their warranty’s mean absolutely nothing, The N.H.B.C are not independent and that should be made CLEAR TO ALL CLIENTS. my gas and electrical appliances were wrongly installed and against regulations and yet were all passed, not to mention all the other defects & boundary problems, I can’t see the Government stepping in to help as there the very ones who are wanting affordable homes to be built, but they should at least make sure there safe to live in, they built with the cheapest materials & unqualified craftsmen.

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