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The NHBC – Friend or Foe?

Quote from NHBC Report on our upstairs floors….

“A 2m and 1m level were used to gauge the deviations in the evenness of the floors and measurements taken. Under our requirements the floor decking is required to be suitable for the intended use. There are specific measurements detailed in the NHBC’s document, a consistent approach to finishes, however these figures are only recommendations, not requirements, and should only be used as a guide.

The nature and extent of any work necessary to remedy minor variances from the tolerances given should be appropraite to the circumstances. In this instance although a few of the measurements taken exceeded the guide tolerance, the amount by which they deviate is not considered to be excessive”

The guidelines state a floor should be level with in

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  1. Hi,

    just thought I’d drop you a quick line to say you’re not the only one up against the frustratingly useless NHBC. Should any of us be surprised though, after all, it’s called the National House BUILDERS Council and not National Home BUYERS Council. Pity. They’re absolutely useless though and our solicitors bill is going to be huge!

    Hope you got sorted out in the end (I found NHBC bit of your blog whilst searching for the guide to mainting standards)

    All the best,


  2. I can assure (with evidence) anyone who has any doubts, that the NHBC fully protect the construction industry against their diabolical workmanship and not the unsuspecting homebuyer.

    Its utterly bizarre then that the homebuyer pays something like 4% of the price of the property to the NHBC for this fallacious protection and the builder gets the benefits

  3. NHBC do set standards. The lowest possible. indeed lower than you would expect from the poorest tradesman. NHBC do not even know what the water bye-laws are, let alone comply with them. indeed their recommendations are a receipe for legionella. NHBC do not know what an insulated envelope is or how to prevent thermal bridging. After showing evidence of thermal bridging to their concilliation inspector he wrote back saying this is acceptable. Their concilliation service is in my experience, (not once but twice),is a pat on the back for shoddy workmanship by the builder,NHBC says purely cosmetic. They do not insist the builder complies with manufacturers recomendations or their own NHBC rules, bumps on the walls or anything else that is not correct is purely cosmetic.Where do we go from here, Watchdog?

  4. I purchased a home , ridiculous word to use in the circumstances , from Bovis in Witham , in June 2005 . Water rises through the ground floor , the stairs have pulled away from the wall , the lounge floor has the action of a Trampoline , the 1st and now second floors creak with any kind of movement . The kitchen worktops are blown , and the decorative standard redefines the meaning of the word poor . This is only a brief outline of the problems , with major issues of sound insulations , and the possibilities of source of water coming through the ground floor . Further reports regarding Bovis Homes appreciated .

  5. A homeowner in Gerrards Cross is suing the National House Building Council for breaching a warranty

    Gerrards Cross homeowner George White is headed for a High Court showdown with the National House Building Council, the building industry watchdog.

    The disputes centres around his home Thames Bank in Marlow and Mr White is demanding damages of £500,000 after accusing the NHBC of breaching a warranty.

    His former wife Gillian White bought the property in 1997 from developers Thames Lawn New Homes for £1,243,908.

    Building work should have been finished by Maxims plc, who went into liquidation, and Thames Lawn new Homes were unable to finish the project, according to a High Court writ.

    More here: http://www.building.co.uk/story.asp?storycode=3120680

  6. Lionel. I’m interested in hearing more about your experience with the 2005 build Bovis Homes in Witham. I’m currently looking to move into the area and on paper the Bovis homes looked ok – did you get your issues resolved? would you recomend them now.

  7. Hi, if you read the standards document carefully, you will notice in the introduction that the guidelines provide best practice etc etc.

    However, crucially, it also states that deviation from the guidelines is acceptable ***by prior consultation and evaluation***. You could try and argue that as no consultation / evaluation has been undertaken between the builder and the NHBC then the guidelines should be followed.

    The NHBC will try and claim that the builders dont have to follow the guidelines. Personally I don’t think this stands up and I feel that the NHBC don’t understand their own standards documents properly.

    If you can find anything in the building regulations, the NHBC technical requirements require that the build conforms to all building regs…. this would put you in a strong position.

    Good luck anyone dealing with the NHBC, no a pleasant experience.

  8. I am also at loggerheads with the NHBC who are just backsliders as far as I am concerned. I have pursued these useless idiots for months and got nowhere.
    Does any know, can anybody recommend a good solicitor who is prepared to take them on for me? Any suggestions and I will be eternally grateful

  9. NHBC? An absolute joke. You will spend months phoning and writing and in the end they will take the builders side. Their ‘inspectors’ don’t even read the case notes before they arrive on site. It’s a licence for shoddy work

  10. NHBC this outfit is a toothless tiger and always has been. They rely on house builders to exist so no surprises when you get no joy with problems and faults. as far as buying a Bovis home DONT. UNLESS YOU HAVE A FETISH FOR MAJOR WATER LEAKS . COLLAPSING
    FLOOR JOISTS. i have been in the building industry for nearly 40 years the spec houses these companies build are laughable.

  11. NHBC – Total Farce.

    Had some work done and was told by our builder that our wall cavities didn’t have any Cavity Wall Insulation in them, despite us having a Rockwool Gurantee! The house builder hadn’t bothered putting any insulation in.

    Rockwool have told me it is a NHBC issue, as they warranty the house against defects & damage yet the NHBC says because the house is 5 years old it isn’t covered. This sort of issue is only covered within 2 years.

    How can such a massive corner be cut, which is clearly proven and I have all these gurantees to hand only for them to shrug and say tough!?

    I had my 7 year old Skoda Octavia back from the garage last week due to a manufacturing defect causing the injectors to fail. Despite 4 years OUTSIDE of warranty Skoda paid the full £3100 bill to replace the 4 of them as it was their design at fault.

    £300k, 5 year old house built incorrectly ? Not covered…. appalling!

  12. NHBC are beyond a joke.

    I am a resident in a block of flats and also director of the block as we sought and won the Right to Manage. A few years ago the Fire Officer inspected our block and identified that it was unsafe as we were ‘missing’ an AOV (automatic opening ventilation) on one side of the building and issued us with an Enforcement Notice. Our original/useless managing agents didn’t have a clue what they were doing and so many months passed by with no progress. After the RTM was achieved and our new MA took over we started to make progress or so we thought. We ended up in court in January this year and lost, the magistrates court deemed that the AOV should have been there from point of build. We have since written to NHBC and they have refused to carry out the works despite the fact they signed off the plans back in 2006 and signed off the building upon completion. As we are deemed the ‘responsible person’ (I’m still trying to remember when I took part in planning and building this development) we are now faced with an approx £120k+ bill to get these works done by October 2014 otherwise the Fire Officer will issue a Prohibtion Order and shut us down. We have basically been living in an unsafe building and should a fire occur one side of the building is slightly screwed. Anyone any advice/help or similar story. We are aiming to take them to court and hopefully we shall be successful!!

  13. I was looking for advice as to whether I should accept NHBC Cash Settlement for damage to our roof and was very interested to hear from Andrew Whitworth about his Skoda Octavia. We have a similar aged car and have no intention of replacing our beloved Octavia, however, it has not passed the MOT and I am warned by the garage that it may be the injectors. With the situation of having to repair our roof £34k with an offer of only £7k from the NHBC we don’t need a huge bill for our car. Andrew do you have any more information that would help us to pursue costs if it is the injectors that have failed, as in your experience? Would appreciate any comments.

  14. NHBC need to get there act together
    Redrow are saying we build houses up to standards of NHBC
    Are you taking brown envelops from such builders
    They are not up to standards
    This is coming from a purchaser who bought a new home
    How can a independent surveyor find 200 faults yet Redrow says they can’t find any faults ( on a new build )
    This guys are crazy or they need to go to school again

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