The End

With planning a wedding, studying for a post grad and a new job. It was time to give up fighting. We had exhausted most affordable avenues.

We decided to pay joiners and builders to carry out the repair of the upstairs floor in the worst bedrooms and we fixed the master bedroom ourself as we had ran out of money. The repairs cost us over £2000. We had to spend a long time sleeping in the living room.

We are fed up fighting and repairing the house but we keep on going. It is still a long way away from a comfortable home.

The impact of the constant chasing and argueing was taking its toll on our health and happiness.

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  1. As someone who purchased a new Redrow home in the past year, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that it has simply been one of the worst experiences of my life and has removed any enjoyment that my wife and I should have got.

    The Customer Service isn’t so much the problem as the build quality control and the sub-contractors. When you complain further up the chain you are fobbed off as another moany customer.

    I too have just about given up the fight (which is exactly what they want). It’s far too stressful and emotional.

  2. We have paid a deposit and we are in the middle of processing a Redrow home in the South West. We have not signed the contracts yet. Every time we went to the office we found about about extra hidden costs that we were not informed of before paying for the deposit. We had a look at the house and we noticed few faults and bad quality job. The site manager has assured us that everything will be fixed before we move in and that this is not the finished product. We are worried about it and we don’t feel that we can trust them. Any advice for us please?

  3. Sounds exactly the same as ourselves. For weeks before move in, there were a number of faults that I asked to be fixed. The S(h)ite Manager assured us that they would all be rectified.

    On the week before moving in, the major issue still hadn’t been fixed. On our moving day, our lawyer received a call to inform us the move would be cancelled because they were only attending to the issue on the day of our move and that it was bigger than expected. We received little in the way of compensation other than a refund for the removal firm’s cancellation fee and a less than sincere apology.

    When we finally did get the keys a week later, the list of problems was endless, beginning with the wrong white goods being ordered.

    The missives are far too heavily weighted on the builder’s side. If you like the house and area, get your lawyer to specifically build in a clause that ALL “snagging” identified (and listing the snagging) as at a point in time is corrected a week before moving in and subject to your inspection and satisfaction.

    Failure to correct this will result in immediate cancellation with full refund of monies handed over.

    They may or may not fix it. It’s like buying a car…you are promised the earth until you hand over the money.

    Unfortunately, due to the seriously unprofessional building industry, almost every builder (IMO) is the same.

    See your lawyer. If you’re not happy, the heartache is definitely not worth it. And…don’t let your lawyer be weak and submissive to the builder, you’re paying him!

  4. Well I’m not surprised at these comments, our experiences at the hands of Redrow Southern are just as bad.It took nearly 2 years to get he property to a very basic standard even then not all defect work was completed so we off loaded it and purchased a Jones Home apart from some minor problems the difference in quality and service was outstanding.

    At one stage we had to picket the sales office with picture board showing showing all the problems we had encountered and handing out flyers to prospective purchasers, this did have the effect of grabbing Redrows attention.

    Anyway we coud go on for pages and pages about Redrows commitment to customer satisfaction but would suggest you check our blogs

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