Home Demonstration

We had the home demonstration on Wednesday and it went pretty well. The crack near the patio doors has been sufficeintly filled in, and I am happy with the explanation of its cause. There were a few minor snags that I pointed out, and I was told they would be fixed before we move in, which would be desirable.

On the whole, there weren’t many problems, but i’m no expert – I’ll leave the detailed scrutiny to the inspector who is coming next Thursday. The problem Nik had with the handles on the drawers coming off in the kitchen doesn’t seem to be there, and we have got the same units as he had.

I hear that knowledge of this blog has spread and a few of the builders have seen it – all i can say is good job so far lads, but don’t let me down at the last hurdle! And no christening of the toilets – trust me I will know!

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  1. I bought a Redrow home and had many problems getting my small faults ammended. This was mostly my fault because I seem to have a problem understanding builders jargon. I then called in the professional snaggers who on my behalf quickly heped resolve my issues in a very professional and swift way. THANKS GUYS!

  2. Hello Lewis

    I am in the process of buying a house from Crest Nicholson in Somerset. Considering the fall in the housing market, one would expect the Crest to reduce the house prices. This does not seem to be the case. In your experience, what is the ideal way to go about doing this.

    As a previous customer, would you recommend Crest as a good company to buy the house from?



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