And so, the end is here. It is just over 6 months since I posted my first entry, and we have been through so much together. We’ve had:

• snags galore (here and here)
• gadgets galore (here and here)
• near disaster (here and here)
• killer flies (here)
• and sexy lingerie (here).

I hope that my posts have informed and entertained you. They have certainly provided me with a welcome outlet for many of the frustrations involved with buying a new home.

It only remains for me to thank my wife for her unending support and New Build Inspections for sponsoring this blog. Oh yes, and to provide one final, shameless plug for my hilarious novel ‘A Foreign Education’. Please visit my web site at to download a free preview, or head straight to Amazon UK or Amazon USA to buy a copy of the paperback!


Congratulations – you have just bought a new house. Commiserations – you have now have to deal with ‘snagging’. Snags are all of those little imperfections with your new home that your builder promises to rectify within the first few weeks of you moving in. Here are my top 3 snagging tips:

1. Bring in the experts – You will probably be able to spot a missing cupboard door in your kitchen, but would you be able to spot non-matching screws on a light switch, or exterior guttering that doesn’t comply with building regulations? It is well worth employing the services of a Snagging Inspector (such as New Build Inspections) to ensure that tiny details and technical details are all uncovered as early as possible.

2. Never settle for less-than perfect – Do not put up with very small defects because you are embarrassed to point them out. Do not put up with workmen doing bodge-jobs of snags that you have given them to repair. You have paid a lot of money for a brand new house and everything should be perfect. Make sure that your builder makes it happen!

3. Take charge of the snag repair process – If you leave snag repair scheduling to the builder, they will send out a cleaner first, then a decorator, then a carpenter. The carpenter will drop glue on your carpet and damage some paintwork, meaning that the cleaner and the decorator will have to come out again. Then the painter will splash some paint on your floor, which will mean that the cleaner has to come out again. Then the kitchen fitter will come out and damage your paintwork and mark your carpet . . . I think you get the picture. My advice is to take charge of the order in which snags are repaired. Refuse to let the decorator visit until you are 100% happy with everything else. And only when the decorator has finished should you let the cleaner visit. Life will be much less frustrating if you can follow this advice!

If you can follow these 3 simple tips, then you will be well on your way to resolving all of your snags quickly and without too much stress. Good luck!


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