We’ve been inside!

We managed to get a viewing on Friday. All seems good and the Site Manager says everything is on track. It was a bit odd going inside the house, when the wiring/pipework is all on show and there is only 1 side of each plasterboard wall fitted. I couldn't believe...


Well nothing much happening really, the house is progressing as planned as far as we are aware. It's now got the roof, doors and windows fitted, but we aren't sure how much (or little) they have done inside. (more…)

Sale Completed

We completed the sale of our previous home last friday. Compared to the previous experiences of our buyers solicitor, everything went through surprisingly well! (more…)


We've done it!!! We finally managed to exchange contracts! So the move is definitely on! Thankfully, everything is now in place and we can start to relax a little bit.. well at least until we start removals on Friday into our rented house. (more…)