We’ve done it!!!

We finally managed to exchange contracts! So the move is definitely on!
Thankfully, everything is now in place and we can start to relax a little bit.. well at least until we start removals on Friday into our rented house.

So, plan from here…
Move into rented house Friday 17th
Complete the sale on our current house Friday 24th November

It all seems very real now, with the end firmly in sight.

I’m most looking forward to moving onsite at Kennet Heath, getting to know the area, registering for Doctors etc and most of all…. keeping an eye on the building process of our new Redrow home! 🙂

Thanks to all those of you that kept fingers crossed for us, it clearly worked! 🙂

Not sure when the next update will be, hopefully sometime around next weekend, once we’ve moved into the rented house, hopefully I’ll be able to post some more progress pictures once we’re on site.

Means I can actually start using the “Post Exchange” category now! 🙂

2 Replies to “Exchanged!!”

  1. Hi

    I am moving onto Kennet Heath aswell hopefully, Redrow are now being very aggressive to exchange in the 28 days which with our chain might be difficult. In your experience are they they genuine abotu or bluffing a bit.

  2. There needs to be legislation in UK[ England, Wales ] to improve the way properties are bought or sold ;no commitment till contracts are exchanged is not right; I found a nice house in Nov. 2003 only to here in Feb 2004 thet the vendor does not wish to proceed with sale;
    then in March 2006 i found a house where again the vendor was supposed to move into a house being built; the vendor could not get enough replies from the builder so i was told & he then took off the house from market in Dec.2005 i was buying, three years yet no house in sight

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