Well nothing much happening really, the house is progressing as planned as far as we are aware.

It’s now got the roof, doors and windows fitted, but we aren’t sure how much (or little) they have done inside.

On the exterior, they are still due to build the carport and render the outside of the house. Obviously, there aren’t any timelines available to us to know when this will be done.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any flexibility in the build process 🙁
We asked Redrow if it was possible to fit a bath in the main ensuite, as the room is MASSIVE with a lot of wasted space.

We were told that they will only build to plan and if the plan doesn’t have it, then it’s not possible.

Surely there must be some flexibility in the build process, especially when there is more than enough space. It’s not even as if we wanted it for free!!!

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  1. Am looking at a Redrow development in Ipswich and am a bit scared now! Can you advise what the hidden charges are and what questions I should ask before signing on the dotted line or should I jsut look elsewhere??!

  2. Redrow does not allow any customisation other than the features offered by themselves. If you buy the house at a later building stage they will not allow you to add or choose any of the extras offered by them.
    They should have a more collaborative approach with customers and allow time for personal touches instead of rushing up with much too early completion dates.

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