New Homes
Buying a new home in the UK

Craig Williamson is the author of campus comedy novel ‘A Foreign Education’. His uniquely-English perspective on American college life was cultivated during a year spent studying abroad at the University of Colorado. He has since returned frequently to the United States and travelled extensively around the country.    This is his blog about Bloor Homes.  This is from his first post about Bloor Homes:

I will be using this blog to share the new home experience with you in all of its financially crippling glory. Together we will go through the ups (”…darling, I think we need a 42 inch TV for our new lounge…”) and the downs (”…a granite worktop costs how much?”), the highs (”…maybe even 50 inches, I’m sure it would fit…”) and the lows (”…just for a worktop, are you sure?”), as well as the joy (”…42 inches of pure plasma pleasure – I’m so happy!”) and the tears (”…it’s a piece of rock for god’s sake – how can a piece of rock cost so much?”).

I hope to cover snagging issues, moving in, settling in, buying things, installing things, breaking things, fixing things – basically, anything and everything related to buying and living in a new home. I hope you can join me for the ride.