New Homes
Buying a new home in the UK

This is a quick start quide for bloggers on New Home Blogs.

1. Visit this link to get a blog. (Choose a blog name carefully as this cannot be changed. It is a good idea to use the name of your housebuilder as this will help your blog rank well in Google and the other search engines. The title can be changed at anytime)

2. Once you have activated your blog and logged in, you will need to write something. Click on “Manage” then click on “Manage Pages” and edit the “About” page. Once you have finished click on publish. You don’t need to worry about pages again unless you really want to get stuck into blogging.

3. Now for your first post, but first you will need to delete the default post first. Click on “Manage” then click on “Manage Posts” and click on the”delete” link. Next you need to go to”Write” on the main menu and click on “Post”. This is where you will spend most of your time. Just give your post a title, write the content, add a tag, choose a category (This is important as the categories are used in the menus on your site) and finally hit the “Publish” button. Well done you have just written your first blog post!

4. More coming soon.