New Homes
Buying a new home in the UK

We have been in our Redrow “House From Hell” for 16 months and are finally laying our first flooring (tiled kitchen). We are still living out of cardboard boxes and are about to pay 3k out of our own pockets (all of our savings…) to have our upstairs floors fixed as the beams are at different heights across the house making the chipboard floors badly unlevel (our last remaining major fault with the house, redrow eventually conceded a fault existed & botched the repair & left it as it was).

We have suffered the same repeated botched repair attempts for every fault with our donwstairs concrete floors being screeded a total of 7 times before an outside contractor finally fixed the entire botttom floor (eigth repair) as all the concrete was also so badly unlevel that floor coverings couldnt be laid. We still have carpet and vinyl waiting in the store warehouses (after a year 3 months they arent too happy either).