New Homes
Buying a new home in the UK

The very successful ITV Homes from Hell series is looking from case studies from the UK and Dubai. If you would like to appear on TV telling the world about your new build problems then get in contact with them. Some people are reluctant to do this, but in general it will get your issues the attention they deserve and all the snagging issues sorted out much sooner.

Here is the message:

Have you bought or built your dream house only to realise the dream is more of a nightmare? Has your new build come with more faults than fixtures, or have you rented out your property to the tenants from hell? Did you build your ideal home in good faith, only to have planning permission denied or revoked? If you have a story you would like the Homes From Hell team to investigate then please get in touch.

We are also looking for stories from the Middle East – have you invested in your dream holiday apartment in DUBAI only to find it unfinished or falling down around your ears? Or did you wait years for a development to be completed only to find it didn’t quite live up to what you expected?

If any of this sounds familiar then contact Victoria Thake on victoria (dot) thake @ ITV (dot) com or 020 7157 4276.