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Redrow Homes Defect Woes

Since 2004 the residents of the Redrow Poets Wood housing development in Streetly have been fighting to get their new homes brought up to standard. Some of the homes have been knocked down and rebuilt but the problems persist. One resident of the estate, Veronica...
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Homebuilding Code on Brink of Failure

It looks unlikely that the housebuilding industry is going to be able to produce a “Homebuilding Code” to deal with the issues raised in the homebuilding market study. This is because Zurich, an initial signatory, will not take part in the administration...
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Kelly’s Redrow Home

We have been in our Redrow “House From Hell” for 16 months and are finally laying our first flooring (tiled kitchen). We are still living out of cardboard boxes and are about to pay 3k out of our own pockets (all of our savings…) to have our upstairs floors fixed as...
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