Crest Nicholson
Nik's new home

I’ve been in the house for a week now, which is enough time for the first of the post-move snags to show up…

First, there’s the driveway. The weather’s been a bit warm recently, with temperatures in the 26-27C range. Unfortunately, this is enough to slightly melt the material they’ve used on the driveway. As a result if you then drive off it it gets a little churned up, damaging the surface.

No photos of that yet, but I do have a photo of the handle on the dishwasher door. Somewhat ironically this handle had already been snagged and fixed (after several attempts) by Crest. That snag was that the screw on the right side of the handle was loose.

This one, however… well, let the picture speak for itself.

Dishwasher Handle

Yes, that’s right. The left hand side of the handle has detached from the door. Either the screw is too short or the handle’s faulty. What’s worse is that Crest knew about this. But instead of trying to fix it by, say, replacing the handle, their contractors just tried to glue the handle back on. You can see the remnants of the glue on the door.

This only manifested itself a few days ago, after the dishwasher door had been opened and closed a few times. A couple of other door handles in the kitchen have the same problem — a little light use and they work loose. Looks like this might be a design flaw in some Symphony Group kitchens.

Staying in the kitchen, some of the lights don’t work. I’d known that some of the ceiling bulbs had gone on the previous inspection. I told Crest that I didn’t care about them fitting the bulbs, but that they should just leave me some spares. But now some of the under unit lights don’t work — I don’t know whether or not the bulbs have gone, or whether it’s a wiring issue.

I called and spoke to Crest about these earlier today (around 9.30am) and spoke to Janet in Customer Services. She tells me that she’ll pass these to Site Services, as apparently Customer Services don’t deal with things until three weeks after the handover. She promised me that Site Services will be in touch soon.