Crest Nicholson
Nik's new home

After a week or so of being a TV-less house (because new build houses don’t come equipped with aerials) the peace has been shattered after I had a TV aerial fitted over the weekend. I used “Euro Digital TV” (no website, but check for them). Good guys. They got the work done, which included fitting the digital aerial, 3 extra points, and wiring up the pre-existing points. All with a guarantee that the equipment will provide a strong digital signal. Which certainly seems to be the case; even channel 5 comes up clear as a bell, to say nothing of picking up duplicate channels from transmitters that are notionally too far away.

However, the poor quality of some of Crest’s work has manifested itself yet again…

One of the pre-existing aerial points, wired and fitted by Crest Nicholson, doesn’t work. At all. Which means there’s a fault in the cable somewhere. I’ll be interested to see how they fix this without having to dig it out of the wall.

So I gave them a call at 14.55 today. This was also a good opportunity to chase up the other snags I’d reported to them a week ago, as they hadn’t had the courtesy to follow up.

This time I spoke to Sue in Customer Care, and explained that I’d called a week previously, and had had nothing back from Crest Nicholson. Then I explained that the TV point in the master bedroom does not work.

She said this will be passed to John Lewsley, the Home Care Manager, but she couldn’t tell me when I would hear from him. I left landline and mobile phone numbers to reach me, so there’s no excuse for them not getting back to me.