Crest Nicholson
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I just sent this to Crest Nicholson. It should be self explanatory.

Kisby, Jeanette wrote:

I am writing to advise that a cheque for the sum of £120 will be sent out today in the first class post to your address at X Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxx.

I’ve just confirmed that those funds have cleared my account, and I have called the Court to arrange for matters to be concluded.

I will of course be updating the pages at

with the latest developments. And hello to your other colleagues who appear to have been reading that site over the last few months.

While I have your attention, I wonder if you could give John Lewsley a bit of a kick — he’s been promising to send me a statement of work for work that Crest have booked for next Tuesday, but he’s not returning my phone calls, and so far, hasn’t provided that statement.