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Sharyn's New Home

Leaking pipes and mold

Sheesh, we noticed some funny smells in the bathroom and the boiler room, and wondered what it could be. After taking up the covering near the sink pipes, lo and behold, there’s been a small leak that must have been going on for ages and the area underneath is...
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Mold in bathroom!!

Lo and behold, the sink pipe in our ensuite has been leaking, very slowly and mold has formed around the pipe. Extremely disgusting.. and dangerous, as we have found out via the internet. Breathing in any spores could be very dangerous. We’ve contacted Laing about it...
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Moving In

So, we’ve finally moved in. In the end, Laing didn’t allow entry to professional snaggers for whatever reason. Workmanship on the surface was fine, but when you look more closely there were tell tale signs of unfinished jobs. Sure there were a few nicks...
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Home Demo

We were invited over to do a home demonstration in our new flat last week. Purpose of which was really for Laing to show us how the various things worked.. from the radiators to windows and even the dishwasher. Very helpful little tips thrown in like rubbing baby oil...
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A policy of not allowing snagging??! HUH??!!

When we asked to arrange an appointment for New Build Inspections to carry out a snagging inspection, there was another confusion on site. At first the appointment was made, then it was not going to be allowed, then it was uncertain whether it would be allowed or not....
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