Laing Homes
Sharyn's New Home

We were invited over to do a home demonstration in our new flat last week. Purpose of which was really for Laing to show us how the various things worked..

from the radiators to windows and even the dishwasher. Very helpful little tips thrown in like rubbing baby oil on the doors every so often to keep the moisture in. There was undoubtedly a lot to take in, but we were assured that we’d get a manual upon completion, which incidentally is very very soon.

The flat was in good condition, as one would expect with a new build property. I didn’t think it would be in a bad state, but it was pleasing to note that marks on the wall and gaps are assured to be filled and corrected before completion, as well as things like funny sounds from the fridge motor and uneven kitchen doors that were noted to be checked out. Undoubtedly told again not to waste money on snagging, but I am rather curious to see what professional snaggers would pick up on that we missed.

Anyway, Christmas is only a couple of days and we’ll be home owners soon, in hours literally I hear. Daunting prospect, but exciting nevertheless.