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Sharyn's New Home

Lo and behold, the sink pipe in our ensuite has been leaking, very slowly and mold has formed around the pipe. Extremely disgusting.. and dangerous, as we have found out via the internet. Breathing in any spores could be very dangerous. We’ve contacted Laing about it naturally, but so far it’s not been attended to.

We resorted to not using the ensuite for the time being, leaving the window open and door closed to let the place dry out. Unfortunately weather has not been kind and it’s been freezing the past couple of days. Not to mention not very secure having the window left open.. it’s just an open invitation to any unsavoury characters (fingers crossed that there are none around). Going to need to chase Laing up again!

I’m just wondering, how in the world can I prevent mold from forming in the bathroom? Surely it can’t be that I have to leave windows open all the time? I’ve found condensation inside the windows of the room quite a bit. Although I’m assured that it’s normal, surely there’s something not quite right about the ventilation to have such a high content of moisture. And cooking smells linger on.. *sigh*..