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Sharyn's New Home

Sheesh, we noticed some funny smells in the bathroom and the boiler room, and wondered what it could be.

After taking up the covering near the sink pipes, lo and behold, there’s been a small leak that must have been going on for ages and the area underneath is covered in mold and soaked through. As the building is made of wood, it’s quite worrying as wet wood must rot quicker. Not to mention the health hazards of breathing in mold spores all these while. No wonder I’ve been having headaches.

Anyway, contacted Laing and after chasing them a couple of times, we’ve finally managed to get someone to look at it. Not exactly sure what they’ve done apart from pull out a couple of pieces of wood and left them in our bathroom and declaring that it’s fixed. The mold’s still there. The leak? No idea, we haven’t used the ensuite for the past month now.

Looks like there’s more chasing up to do..