Laing Homes
Sharyn's New Home

Is it really fair??

When Laing wrote to tell us that they are pushing back completion by 3 months until next spring, we were not offered any compensation or anything for the inconvenience. I can imagine most people renting would have had to negotiate an extension to their rental period...
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A confusing letter or just me being slow?

We’ve received a letter from Laing stating that they would normally give us a 28 day letter to completion, but are unable to now.. … due to the council dragging their foot with the license for supplying the mains or something to that effect. I had to...
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Site visit

One fine Sat morning, Excellence being the keyword, we’re off to learn more about how our flat is being built. Hard hats and neon yellow safety jackets were handed out early. We sat around waiting a little for everyone to turn up. The earlier bunch had been in...
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Issue resolved

Laing came back to us pretty quickly. All a misunderstanding it seems.   Apparently our side of the block only has 2 apartments per floor, so we wouldn’t need a second door. Funny this building regulations. Well, no changes to the apartment layout, so...
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Show home ready!!

Having heard nothing for ages, I went back online to see if they had any new information. To my surprise, they’ve got the insides of the new show home online. So over the weekend, we trooped over to inspect the site. Our side of the block hasn’t yet been...
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