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Rachael's New Home

Well hello again…we are just freshly returned from our holiday in windswept, rainy Norfolk. Don’t you just love the English summers.
But hey…who cares, we’re moving house soon and any day now will be luxuriating in our fabulous modern new build……or will we?…..

Our solicitor was on holiday the week before we left for ours, so nothing much happened that week. Then we were off for two weeks and left everything in the hands of the locum solicitor with instructions to negotiate dates for completing the necessary snagging work pre exchange. I had a gravelly rumbling sensation in the pit of my stomach before we left, and had put it down to eating too many fresh figs (which I love) – but no, on my return I find it was actually my insightful intuition telling me that all was not well.

On our return we found the locum solicitor had made an excellent job of alienating the builders for no reason whatsoever.

His letter to us explained…’the property you thought you were buying has not been built…’ Huuhhh? How come we have walked around it on various occasions?

His letter to the builders solicitors included such inflamatory remarks as ‘…you are either mistaken or making an unreasonable request’ (concerning a perfectly reasonable query about our identitiy checks due to money laundering regulations).

Basically, he has succeeded in annoying everyone and made no progress whatsoever, in agreeing any action to be taken to remedy the defects that were identified by our snagging report.

Our ‘real’ solicitor is now back in control, and appears to be making more progress thankfully. We now have an appointment for tomorrow afternoon to sign our paperwork prior to exchange. We then aim to go round the property again with our snagging list in our hands to see what progress, if any, they have made.