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Well we had been due to exchange last Friday 2nd September

, but as usual things have not been running too smoothly…… On Thursday late afternoon we happily wended our way to our solicitors office to take in the cheque for the deposit and tweak the last few bits of paper. Low and behold, it became apparent to us that the boundary line on one side of the house had not been amended (in our favour) as had previously been agreed. We had spoken about this at length to our solicitors and assured that it would be attended to, but obviously it had not. Everybody rushed around trying to sort it out, we needed an amended plan to be sent from the builders, which they hurridly faxed through the next morning.

Friday morning turned into early afternoon and we still had not had the call from our solicitors. We rang them, they informed us we would not be able to complete on the Friday because of the delay with the paper work but that they would exchange on Monday instead. On Monday we rang expectantly to be told that we could not exchange

on Monday because one of the searches had come back as unaccepteble because the plan did not have a scale figure. (Huh? We were previously told that all the searches were ok)

Oh yes, but this is a last minute search we were told, that couldn’t be done until just before exchange. So now the builders are scurrying around again getting yet another bit of paperwork in order. The re-amended plan has to be sent to Gloucester to the Land Registry (LR) before it can be agreed. Tuesday morning arrived, still no LR satisfaction. We are told we can’t exchange now until Weds lunch time at the earliest. Eeek! Because we already live in a big house our removal firm is taking two days to move us – they are arriving Weds morning at 8.30am to pack up, and we still havn’t exchanged. What if it all goes pear shaped and we can’t move at all – all our belongings will be stuck in a removal van somewhere at a huge cost to ourselves for storage. We decide to take the risk, and go ahead with the packing.

After another sleepless night, Weds morning is here – most of our belongings are now in the vans, and it is not until 2pm that we get a call from our solicitors to say that finally, we have exchanged contracts and can complete tomorrow, Thursday, and so move into our new house as planned. Phew! Never mind going grey, I’m going bald due to tearing my hair out at the roots every three minutes due to some other new fiasco. At the moment I don’t think I will ever, ever want to move house again for the whole of the rest of my life. (But actually I know that by the time I am holding a glass of wine in my hand sitting in my new conservatory tomorrow night I will have changed my mind on that one). So here we go, it really is moving day tomorrow, and now there is no going back.

I will be offline now until 26th September, as our broadband connection cannot be installed till then, so in the mean time, wish us luck – I’ll let you know how the day goes in due course.