Espirit Homes
Rachael's New Home

Going greyer by the minute

Well after we were gazumped by Esprit Homes scoring an own goal, we decided to email them with a letter of complaint about the way we have been treated….. The managing director responded by telephone to give his side of the story. He apologised for all the...
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We’ve been gazumped

Well it looks like we’ve fallen at the first hurdle – on Monday we put down £1000 cheque to reserve our new house in our name, we were given a written agreement with our signatures and the builders signatures to confirm this. Thinking we….....
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We are one of those neo-modern semi-extended families that populate Britain as it is today. We are suffering from cabin fever and need a bigger house. We have three tiddlers aged 3, 4 and 6, a teenager from a previous marriage who still lives with us, and three older...
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