Another Crest Nicholson Home
Lewis`s new home

Well yesterday we got the keys! I got the call at 11:10am from my solicitor to tell me everything had gone through, and I could go and pick up the keys from the site office. When I got there, I was taken to read the Gas, Electric and Water meters and then left to wait for my inspector to arrive.

She arrived at around 12:50pm, and go to work almost immediately. The Assistant site manager from crest had asked if he could watch her at work (!) but she asked if he could come back at the end for a summary. The whole inspection took around 2 hours, and I was impressed with the findings. She was extremely thorough, and picked up things I would never have noticed. Even things that are obvious when you know about them, I would never have thought to look for. I would definitely get another inspection done if I ever buy another new build.

Although largely there were no major errors, there were quite a few minor snags that I would really want fixed. These were (pictures to follow on Monday);
1. A small crack on the patio door
2. A fault in the porcelain on 2 of the toilet ‘lids’
3. Only 2 coats of paint in some upstairs rooms
4. Some large splodges of white paint on some of the wall, mostly upstairs
5. An exposed and unsealed piece of wood-end near the bath that would expand if water entered it
6. Poor finishing on the top of all doors – Not sanded or painted
7. Mixture of gloss and emulsion paint inside the built-in wardrobes.

And I also noticed later on –

8. Window lock on one of the windows doesn’t work
9. We are missing a part for the oven – the ‘Cooker Handle’ that helps when taking the tray out of the oven.

But apart from those things, I am pretty happy with the job that has been done. I will post some more detail on the report when I get it. Crest has agreed to correct all of the snags shown above (apart from 8 & 9 which they don’t know about yet) which will be nice.