Another Crest Nicholson Home
Lewis`s new home

Snagging Ban

Well it seems Crest have now changed their minds. They phoned to confirm our completion date yesterday for 5th October 2006. But when I mentioned snagging they said it was against policy and I should not have been told it was ok. After talking with 2 different people...
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Yet another visit

I phoned up crest last week to see if they could give me a few measurements for the kitchen and bathrooms, as the documentation we have only gives the physical room size, not the actual space you have available. For example, we want to tile the kitchen floor, but only...
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House Visit

We had a house visit yesterday, where we were shown how things were going. It all looks impressive, so much progress has been made since our first visit in June! However I was disappointed with the bedroom 1 size, they list it as 4.74m x 2.60m, but in reality it is...
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