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Craig Williamson's New Home

You’ve picked the perfect house style with a workshop area for your impressive collection of power tools, and you’ve selected the perfect plot with a prime view of the all-girls college. Surely your work is done? Well, not quite, as you’ve still got to pick your extras.

‘Extras’ are the additional niceties that you can buy from your builder at the time of purchasing your new home. It’s all too easy to get carried away and spend many thousands of pounds on pointless additions, so make sure that you only go for extras that fulfil at least one of the following criteria:

Good value – Would you like a 50 inch plasma TV in your new lounge for £50? You betcha! Would you like an integrated weighing scale in your kitchen worktop for £300? On your bike!

More practical – If you would like your home fully cabled for satellite TV and computer networking in every room, then you probably don’t want to be ripping out walls once you have moved in. Let the builder do it and you’ll have a much more practical solution.

More convenient – You could turf your new garden yourself, but by the time you get around to doing it the weeds will be several feet high and you may have lost a few small children in there. Paying to have this job taken care of before you move in will probably prove worthwhile.

As well as thinking about extras that you want, it is also worth thinking about the standard features of your new home that you really do not want. For example, we didn’t want a fireplace but one came as standard with our home. It would have been messy and annoying to remove the thing after moving in, so we asked the builder to leave it out. Our reward? A nice empty wall for a big TV, and over £1,000 refunded by the builder. Result!