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Unleashing the wife on John Lewis was definitely the right plan. No sooner had I published my last blog entry than we received a phone call to arrange delivery of our new sofa. It arrived last week and we are extremely pleased with the results. Our old sofa was in need of removal from the first floor, but we didn’t fancy incurring all the bumps and scrapes on our walls that happened when it was first moved up there. So my wife baked a few buns, brewed a few cups of tea, and no doubt wore some skimpy lingerie in order to entice a few of the site workmen around to solve the problem. Armed with only chocolate chips, Tetley’s, and plenty of fine lace, she soon arranged a fork lift truck and two sturdy men to winch the old sofa through our first floor balcony. I’ve said this before in this blog and I’ll say it again: if I didn’t have a wife I’d have nothing.

Having the new sofa makes the move more final now. As does the fact that we had the removal company come to collect all of their empty cardboard boxes. As does the fact that we finally gave about 5 boxes full of unwanted but good quality items to a local charity shop, thus clearing up some space in our garage. As does the fact that Christmas is almost here, and my blog will soon be coming to an end! Don’t worry though, I have a few special new home buyer guides planned for the final few weeks. And I might even allow my wife to write an entry on how to flirt with workmen and get things done around your new build house.