David Wilson Homes
Scott Turner's New Home

Were in….

We are now officially the owners of a big house full of many boxes. Surprise surprise the 70% of the snagging items have not been done…….. We’ll update soon and let you all know how were getting on.
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Got the snagging report

Received the report from Newbuild inspections. They have spotted several fairly small cosmetic items that need sorting. However, they also spotted items such as the en-suite loo not working. In my opinion it was worth every penny. The report has also gone to site....
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Home Demonstration

Went in for the home demo today. To be honest it was more of an ‘Unofficial Snag’ for me as I am fairly well versed with how a central heating thermostat works and how to lock and unlock doors. In the short time that i was in the house I raised 20+ items...
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David Wilson now don’t do snagging…..

I had agreed with the sales office that I would be snagging the house on the 24th with our home demo on the 27th. I received a call on Tuesday 21st letting me know that snagging would now not be possible. It was suddenly not company policy to allow snagging. After...
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It’s Finished (Well Nearly…)

Gave the sales office a call to check up on the progress yesterday. After a bit of chasing around they came back to me and confirmed that the house will be inspected on Friday (17th) for NHBC sign off. They hope to serve our ten-day notice on either Friday or Monday...
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