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Scott Turner's New Home

I had agreed with the sales office that I would be snagging the house on the 24th with our home demo on the 27th. I received a call on Tuesday 21st letting me know that snagging would now not be possible. It was suddenly not company policy to allow snagging.

After various heated calls to the sales manger and eventually the sales director DWH finally caved in but only if I instructed a third party. I honestly believe that they were hoping that I was only prepared to snag it myself and wouldn’t be willing to pay someone else to do it. I immediately instructed Newbuild Inspections. DWH will only allow them in to snag after the 27th, therefore not leaving much time before we move in on the 30th.

Lessons learned from my experience so far:

1 – Do not trust the sales office if they say that snagging is possible. Get it confirmed in writing from a ‘Grown Up’ at your house builder’s head office.

2 – Do not instruct a solicitor that is recommended by the builder. Mine was absolutely spineless on this issue and clearly did not want to rock the boat due to a conflict of interest. He would not so much as even speak to DWH on my behalf to try and apply some pressure.

3 – Start worrying if builders say no. I did…….

4 – Phone Newbuild Inspections – It was only after taking there advice and pushing certain people that I managed to get the snagging agreed – (Many thanks guys for your help).