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Scott Turner's New Home

Went in for the home demo today. To be honest it was more of an ‘Unofficial Snag’ for me as I am fairly well versed with how a central heating thermostat works and how to lock and unlock doors.

In the short time that i was in the house I raised 20+ items with the site manger. Most were fairly trivial and simply down to a lack of attention to detail. A few examples are:

1 – A power point in the washing machine space that will be 75% covered by the machine when its on place – they agreed to move it…

2 – Our rear garden slopes towards the house. The patio has no means of drainage and was already filling with water – They agreed to put a drain in.

3 – Garage power not working.

4 – A hole in the soffit was covered over with an extractor vent. They agreed this was a bodge job and that the soffit would be replaced.

The site manager was a reasonable guy and took all of the points on board. He was actually picking up points that I’d missed. He promised to try and get all of the items sorted for our completion date. I have issued a list to the site to make sure everything is down in black and white.