David Wilson Homes
Scott Turner's New Home

Gave the sales office a call to check up on the progress yesterday. After a bit of chasing around they came back to me and confirmed that the house will be inspected on Friday (17th) for NHBC sign off. They hope to serve our ten-day notice on either Friday or Monday depending on when they get the inspection completed.

We have been popping over to the site quite frequently and to be honest they appear to have done a reasonable job from the outside. It’s quite strange actually as I keep spotting minor issues with other houses on the development but the only thing that I can spot on our house is the missing outside tap and a couple of holes that need sorting under the soffits.

We have very bravely decided to snag the property ourselves. I’m an engineer by trade and tend to be bit of a fussy git at the best of times. Coupled with a reasonable grasp of the trades and a couple of refurbs under our belt I’m hoping that I should pick up a majority of the problems.

Hopefully I’ll be back with a fairly short snagging list and a moving date in a few days………