David Wilson Homes
Scott Turner's New Home

Phoned the site on Saturday (21st) to get an update on the build stage. I had phoned the previous weekend but they seemed evasive and suggested I call later in the week. I got the brush off again and they promised that they would diary a call on the Monday (23rd) to let me know how things were going. Guess what – No call.

To be honest it’s not the fact that we are desperate to get in we would just like an update on how things are progressing. DWH had stated that when they get to plastering they would have a much clearer idea on a completion date. A couple of weeks back the windows were in and all of the partitioning was in place so I assumed it was ready for first fix.

When we were reserving our plot the sales office were more than able to tell us exactly what point the build stage was at when we popped in to add to the list. Now they have our money I’m getting the impression that we are just another punter and they’ll call us when they’re good and ready. Personally I’d expect a better level of service when buying a £15k car let alone a £270K+ house.