Another Redrow Home
Lee Cripps' New Home

We completed the sale of our previous home last friday. Compared to the previous experiences of our buyers solicitor, everything went through surprisingly well!

It felt a little odd when we got the call from our solicitor saying that the sale was complete and we were no longer “home owners”.

We’ve settled into our rental home for now, and already started to become part of the community as it were, with the supermarkets all checked out, leisure centre investigated etc. Just the Doctors to register with now.

It also means we can keep an eye on our house (read as keep an eye on the builders!), our new house is now up to roof level, with the joists/A-Frames now in place as well as the dormer window frame and the velux windows also in place.

Hopefully the felt/tiles will be in place soon before the really bad weather strikes and then they can continue internal work without being delayed by the weather.

Photo’s to follow soon.