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Friday WASN’T the day :(

This whole house selling lark is really getting to me now.. The buyers solicitor is USELESS, I’ve never had the experience of dealing with such an inept firm. They are hard to get hold of, never return my estate agents or my solicitors phone calls. They are...
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Friday is the day….

Well hopefully anyway….. I spoke to Redrow and our solicitors this morning and we have everything in place now, except for our buyers deposit. So we should be all go for exchange on Friday now. Keep your fingers crossed for us!
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Not quite….

Well, Friday came and went and still no exchange of contracts! 🙁 We seem to be getting a little closer, but it’s just so frustrating (see it’s that f word again!) that we can’t quite get there. Apparently, the solicitors are waiting for a final piece...
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Progress Photos…

I finally got round to uploading some photos of the house progress. They were taken on a couple of visits and I will try to post some more after this weekend when hopefully we will be able to visit site again. The first photo was taken when we reserved the property,...
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I guess anybody that has been through the house buying/selling scenario has experienced the frustration that goes with trying to exchange contracts….. We are so very nearly ready to exhange, but there is always something that seems to crop up. Apparently we are...
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